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3D Live Cell Printer

CellJet 3D Live Cell Printer

CellJet 3D Live Cell Printer

Flexible 3D Live Cell Printing for biofabrication, cell biology research, high content analysis and cell assays and 3D cell culture.

Key features

  • Fast, precise, reliable and reproducible.
  • Contamination-free, proprietary synQUAD dispensing technology offering both on-the-fly and drop-by-drop non-contact cell printing while maintaining the viability of even the most delicate cells.
  • Extremely flexible system with full control of critical dispense parameters such as height of dispense and speed.
  • Can be configured as 1-channel system for simple cell printing, 2-channel system for multiple cell types or cell and reagent printing or 4-channel system for bulk dispensing of cells.
  • Capable of dispensing fluid types from low viscosity to high viscosity solutions such as 30% PEG.
  • Dynamic dispense range: 20 nl to 1 ml (with 190 μm ceramic tip, 1 ml syringe and 1000 μl loop).
  • Dispense speed: 30 seconds to dispense to a 96-well plate with 1-channel system.
  • Stepper motor resolution: 1.3 μm
  • Repeatbility < ± 10 μm