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Attenuated Total Reflectance Accessories

Golden Gate™ Single Reflection Diamond ATR Series MkII

Golden Gate™ Single Reflection Diamond ATR Series MkII

The Golden gate diamond ATR is high performance and the world's most versatile ATR. It analyzes all types of samples, from hard solids to corrosive liquids, and it is easy to use, sensitive, and robost.

It is available with various types of top plates for different applications:

  • High temperature top plate (heatable to 300 °C)
  • Low temperature top plate (from -150 °C to 80 °C)
  • Reaction cell (pressure up to 3,000 psi)
  • Supercritical fluid top plate (pressure up to 6,000 psi and temperature up to 300 °C, low volume 28 μl stainless steel sample cell)
  • Micro specular reflectance top plate for flat samples of greater than 3 mm x 6 mm, or powder that can be pressed into a self-supporting wafer

Key Features

  • High sample throughput
  • Rugged type IIIa diamond ATR metal-bonded into a tungsten carbide mount
  • Hard, inert, sapphire self-levelling pressure anvil
  • Pressure bridge with safety interlock
  • Built-in pressure control for reproducible results
Silver Gate™ Single Reflection ATR

Silver Gate™ Single Reflection ATR

A cost-effective, basic, high throughput single reflection ATR accessory for the FTIR analysis of solids, liquids, gels and pastes

Key Features

  • High optical throughput (greater than 55% achievable) provides fast and efficient sample measurement
  • Interchangeable crystal plate (ZnSe and Ge crystals)
  • Proven, strong clamping device, based on the Golden GateTM ATR technology, allows rapid, reproducible sample throughput
Gateway ATR System

Gateway ATR System

An advanced 6 reflection ATR system for the analysis of solids, liquids, paste and gels.

It is available with extensive range of top plates:

  • Flow through top plate for process control and reaction monitoring (550 μl volume)
  • Thermostabilised top plate for reaction kinetics (with stainless steel top plate and Kalrez spacer, heatable to 90 °C)
  • Heated trough top plate (sub-ambient to 90 °C version heated or cooled by thermo-circulating fluid)
  • Heated trough top plate with dedicated temperature controller (heatable to 200 °C)

Key Features

  • High optical throughput
  • Purgeable optic
  • Flexible system with replaceable and extensive range of top plates cater for different applications