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Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

Essential for PCR and other critical applications, BioPointe Scientific's filter tips protect you, your pipettor, and your sample from carry-over contamination. Since we manufacture our own filters, we ensure the highest level of quality. Made from 100% inert materials, these filter tips are certified by an independent lab to be free of nucleic acids, RNase, DNase, and pyrogens.

Key features

  • Previse Pointe
    Developed to achieve exact pipetting, all of BioPointe's tips feature our innovative, Precise Pointe technology. The thin-wall design uses a minimal amount of plastic resulting in the lowest possible surface tension. With an ultra-fine tip, the Precise Pointe allows you to access the bottom of a vessel with accuracy, and ensures total retrieval of your sample.
    Previse Pointe

  • Super Seal
    BioPointe Scientific uses the highest quality plastics and best manufacturing practices to consistently produce a superior product. With its thin-wall design, the Super Seal achieves a great fit and more accurate aliquots during research. The soft, flexible material makes our tips easy to insert and eject, thus reducing the risk of repetitive work disorders. There is simply no comparison to the Super Seal of a BioPointe tip.
  • Low Retention
    Currently, low retention technology in pipette tips hinges on the physical application of a floropolymer (PTFE) to both the inside and outside surfaces. Regardless of marketing claims, this process is a coating and can leach PTFE into your samples. BioPointe Scientific has developed a proprietary technology that creates the lowest surface tension found on any tip available. Free of PTFE, the treatment relies on a highly stable covalent bond that achieves a truly inert, low-retention tip.
  • Filtered
    BioPointe Scientific's comprehensive line of filtered pipette tips is the professional's choice for eliminating carry-over contamination in the laboratory environment. Molded with ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, our filters are completely inert and consistent in porosity. This ensures that our filters will not impede airflow and will protect your samples and pipettor from harmful contamination. Because BioPointe manufactures its filters in a clean-room facility, every component is free of nucleic acid and enzymes that are detrimental to your research. All BioPointe filtered tips are pre-sterilized and certified by an independent lab to be free of nucleic acids, RNase, DNase and pyrogens.

  • Available in racked, reload and bulk package
  • Racked and reload: 96 yips/tray, 10 racks
  • Bulk: 1000 tips/bag in a heavy duty, re-sealable bag
  • Pre-sterilized