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DNA Shearing System

Automated Point-Sink DNA Shearing Technology (Hydro-dynamic Force)

PolyPlex Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Digilab Hydroshear and HydroShearPlus

Digilab HydroShearPlus DNA shearing system offers the simplest, most reproducible, and most controllable method available for generating random DNA fragments. This software-driven device uses hydrodynamic shearing forces to fragment DNA strands.

Key features

  • Extremely tight distribution of similar sized sample fragments. HydroShearPlus can be calibrated to produce a distribution centred on 2 kb with 90% of the DNA falling between 1.3 kb – 2.6 kb, ideal for plasmid sequence libraries
  • Automated multi-point valve allows for the automation of multiple washes, and eliminates the need to manually operate the sample and wash cycle
  • Fragment size: 1 – 9 kb with standard assembly, 650 – 40 kb with custom assemblies
  • Sample volume: 40 μl – 500 μl
  • Fast analysis time: load, run and wash in 10 minutes