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Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

PolyPlex Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

PolyPlex Oligonucleotide Synthesizer

Digilab's PolyPlex® is a fast, cost-effective 96-well oligonucleotide synthesizer that generates a full plate of 20-mers in less than 3.0 hours. This second generation PolyPlex features up to amidite positions for synthesizing DNA or RNA with specialty labels. It offers several novel technologies that make it an unrivalled, high throughput synthesizer.

Key features

  • Dimensions: 60" W x 21" D x 31" H (1.52 m x 0.53 m x 0.79 m)
  • Up to 4 auxiliary positions for special chemistries
  • Cost per Synthesis: $0.086 per base for a 20-mer synthesis; $0.078 per base for a 70-mer synthesis
  • Includes all costs needed to make ready-to-use crude oligonucleotides at 50 nmol scale
  • Reagent Positions: up to 15 positions available to accommodate for specialty chemistries
  • Capacity per Run: 96 wells; up to 1 ╬╝mol scale each well
  • Argon Consumption: 55 std. ft3 for a full plate of 20-mers, or 6 plates per standard cylinder (type 300 cylinder)